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Grama Seva

Regional telecom firms could come into play under a state proposal to propagate communication facilities in rural villages.
The regional licences will give firms a mandate to set up telecom networks in villages and access to monies from the lquote Viswa Grama programme, a state authored proposal to create communication facilities in areas with little or no communication infrastructure. rn

rnLicences will be awarded to existing telecom services providers and new firms interested in providing communication services in a geographically restricted area. rn

rnThe Finance Ministry will over see the lquote Viswa Grama or the Information Infrastructure Development Fund (IIDF) and will be managed by a development bank.rn

rnFunds for the lquote Viswa Grama programme will come from a 0.06% levy on incoming international call and donor agency contributions. rn

rnThe Ministry of Mass Communication said ldblquote the previous ambiguous exclusivity regime resulted in the disproportionate use of international

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