Hard Sell

Modeled on the likes of top branded resorts like Banyan Tree, Jetwing Hotels is revamping its hotels and spas into three core brands endash Eco, Ayurveda and beach holidays.
The group is making a determined shift up-market, in efforts to lure the discerning high spenders with more than just the best package deal.
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rnldblquote In the last few years we have not really looked at branding because we just had one segment endash the tour operator segment, so it was just a five star or three star hotel dblquote , Director Marketing at Jetwing, Lalin de Mel, said.rn

rnldblquote We are in the process of branding our 12 hotels into the three different categories, with Jetwing being the core brand and nature, wellness and beach being the sub-brands dblquote , de Mel says.rn

rnIts spa hotels like the Ayurveda Pavilion or its flagship Lighthouse Hotel will be among its wellness range of resorts, while the Yala Safari Game Lodge will drive the eco-brand.rn

rnldblquote We have five hotels we have earmarke

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