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Hit Rates

Industry analysts are betting on a competition driven drop in overseas calling rates for the upcoming holiday seasons.
Competition in prepaid calling cards segment is expected to drive the drop with more of the 31 licensed overseas call operators coming out with their card options.
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rnIn addition, analysts say international call rates can fall by up to 20 per cent to some destinations. rn

rnHowever, vital interconnection between operators is yet to be established, long exceeding the governments initial expectations for cross network termination agreements to fall into place around mid 2003. rn

rnTelecom regulators say only two External Gateway Operators (EGO) are close to reaching a settlement on interconnection. rn

rnA short code auction of four digit numbers that will allow EGOs to tap into the telecom subscriber base is also in pending due to the delay in interconnection agreements. rn

rnIndustry sources say the delays have pushed some of the EGOs to operating overseas call services beh

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