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Motivating Managers

The speaker line up is headed by Doug Adams who has build up an international practice in training corporate management on leadership skills.
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Adams has worked with many top local companies like JKH and MAS Holdings and expected to use his knowledge on local management traits to stimulate a change in mindset.

rnrnAdams has titled his presentation-Leadership in the rapidly changing world; the challenge for Sri Lanka. The presentations from the other speakers include, ldblquote From vision to action
dblquote , ldblquote High touch leadership for high tech world
dblquote and ldblquote Visionary leadership
dblquote .
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rnrnDian Gomez, president of CIMA
quote s local chapter said the conference is the first of a series of seminars focusing exclusively on leadership for the local managers.

rnrnldblquote Sri Lankan management style still tends to be traditional and top down, owing to their colonial roots. But, the current environment requires a paradigm shift towards leadership based concepts
dblquote , he said.

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