MTD Walkers says no partnership with Kolkata flyover builder

Apr 05, 2016 (LBO) - MTD Walkers PLC says says it is neither a JV partner nor the local partner of IVRCL of India, to clear up confusion in a recent media report, after Indian authorities began a probe into the flyover builder IVRCL.
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IVRCL Infrastructure Company in India is being investigated after a flyover it built in Kolkata collapsed last week killing 24 people. "The only involvement the company had with IVRCL was with regard to a sub contract to carry out the piling work at a UDA low cost housing site in Maligawatte, through its subsidiary Walkers Piling (Pvt) Ltd," a statement said.
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This project was completed and successfully handed over in January 2013, it said. "MTD Walkers PLC wishes to inform the public that its fully owned subsidiary Walkers Piling (Pvt) Ltd, the pioneer pile construction company in Sri Lanka has enjoyed a leading position in market since its inception and has over the years successfully completed some of the most prestigious piling projects in the country." A weekend newspaper reported that a subsidiary of the Indian builder has been involved in low-cost housing project in Maligawatte, and mentioned MTD Walkers as having completed the piling work for it.
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Nirmalan Dhas
Nirmalan Dhas
8 years ago

MDT Walkers may have no connection with IVRCL but MDT Walkers has displayed gross bad faith and some of the shoddiest practices in the industry when it comes to protecting the interests of property owners on the peripheries of the sites that it develops. The sooner the license of this operator is withdrawn the better. It is likely to single-handedly drag the reputation of the government in the mud right through the center of the proposed “Western Megapolis” and for all the world to see. It continues to operate in violation of conditions governing the construction license issued by the UDA and the UDA appears to be unable to do something even as simple as obtain and enforce a prohibition order against this operator. The police and the Minister of Western and Megapolis Development seem also to be victims of this impotence. An investigation into this apparent impotence of the UDA in the face of the challenge thrown to it by this operator may reveal some sort of basis underlying this impotence. The practices of the past regime may still be alive and well perhaps with trips to Singapore on the cards as well.

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