Political parties, parliaments most corrupt: graft poll

BRUSSELS, Dec 7, 2006 (AFP) - Political parties and parliaments are seen as the world's most corrupt institutions and governments are not doing enough to combat the problem, a poll by a respected global graft watchdog said Thursday. The Transparency International survey, of some 60,000 people in 62 countries, found that many ordinary citizens thought that political parties were the most corrupt, followed by assemblies, and then the business sector.

"Corruption has infiltrated public life and burrowed in," said Robin Hodess, police and research director at Transparency.
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"Legislatures are elected with a precious mission: to place the interests of their citizens above their own," Hodess said.
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"This trust is being violated, at great cost to the legitimacy of elected officials in many countries."

The poll, conducted by Gallup International for Transparency and released in Brussels, showed that only 22 percent of people thought their government was effective or very effective in combatting corruption.

The report said that the perception of parties and parliaments as most corrupt reinforces the view that governments are ineffective in this area.

"Rather, they themselves are seen to be a part of the problem, creating a d

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