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President wants public sector inefficiency to end during his term


The inefficiency in the state sector which has resulted in creating displeasure among the public towards every previous government should come to an end during the tenure of the present government, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa emphasized.

He highlighted the importance of efficiency and transparency in every state entity with a direct linkage to the day to day public life.

“Unnecessary ordinances and regulations should be amended immediately in order to transform the public service. The process of providing services by the state sector should be simple and should be conducted in a manner that will not impose unnecessary burden on the public, President said during a discussion with the officials of the Ministry of Public Transport held at the Presidential Secretariat today (31).

The entire state sector should bear the responsibility of restoring the public faith and trust in their service. Open discussions and debate over issues without hesitation are vital in this process. President said since the public service is the backbone of the country, a committee of experts was appointed to select qualified and skilled professionals to the higher positions in state institutes.

All irregularities in the public service should be eliminated. President said that he has instructed the intelligence services and the Department of Criminal Investigation to look into such irregularities and apprehend those who are responsible.

If a public servant is found guilty of any misconduct he will be punished irrespective of his position and will be stripped off the opportunity of holding any position at a government institute, President said.

Anyone involved in taking or giving bribes will be dealt with accordingly.

The confidence of the foreign investors as well as the good image of the country lies upon the status of our government service.

The benefits offered to the public servants can only be enhanced through strengthening the service. The salaries of the government employees are being paid using the earnings from other sectors in the country. Therefore, the public servants have an unquestionable responsibility towards the nation.

The necessity of networking data systems, adopting new technologies and sound coordination among organizations were also highlighted during the discussion.

The status of activities at the Department of Motor Traffic office in Werahera following the recent visit by the President was also reviewed.

The attention of the President was drawn to the medical examination process involving the issuance of driving licenses. President explaining the complex nature of the process said only an eye- test would be sufficient to issue driving license for light vehicles. The possibility to conduct such tests at hospitals was also explored. President informed to conduct a full medical examination only for the heavy vehicle driving licenses.

President instructed the officials to commit themselves to provide an optimum service to the public while resolving existing issues within a short span of time.

Ministers Mahinda Amarweera, Dilum Amunugama, Secretary to the President Dr. P. B. Jayasundara, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Major Gen. Kamal Gunarathne and several other officials were present at the discussion.


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