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Privately owned helicopters could come to the rescue in medical and natural disasters and fly in to transport shipping crew between land and sea before long.
Helicopters are due to make a comeback to Sri Lanka skies after initial groundings in 1995 and the new arrivals will not be limited to tourist transport. rn

rnDeccan Aviation Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, the first private company to get Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approval for domestic helicopter charters, is looking at expanding its market reach well beyond the travel and tourism segment.rn

rnThe company will bring down their Bell Jet Ranger helicopters next month and is already looking at niche market opportunities for helicopter flights.rn

rnInitial entry in March will target VIPs and corporate travellers by giving a faster door-to-door travel option within the island.rn

rnldblquote We will start helicopter flights from mid next month for VIPs, corporate travellers and high end tourists,
dblquote said Denham Schokman, Business Development Manag

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