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Ravi urges investors to make use of opportunities in Sri Lanka: summit

Mar 18, 2017 (LBO) - Sri Lanka offers investment opportunities that provide secure and diverse business options as the country has been achieving economic prosperity with social inclusion, the finance minister told an investors meeting in Hong Kong.
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Addressing the 2nd Sri Lanka Investment Summit held in Hong Kong, Minister Ravi Karunanayake said Sri Lanka has vibrant and invigorating economy. "Sri Lanka provides many options for discerning investors through a pragmatic implementation of 'Public Private Partnership' framework under a 'win-win' situation," he said.
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"One of the areas offering opportunities is agriculture as the traditional agricultural sector is meant to convert into commercial one.
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" The proposed “Colombo International Financial City” is another area of viable investment for its geographical location and as it is open to huge markets of the countries in the SAARC region. Going by the punch line – this century is “Asia’s century” Sri Lanka claims it share as the most peaceful country in the region for investors to launch their stable business ventures, the minister added.
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