rnThe sacking of Sri Lankas parliament could hold up at least US$ 176 mn in World Bank aid to the island, whose economy is headed for a serious slow down, a Bank official warned Wednesday.
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rnPoverty Reduction Support Credits amounting to US$ 125 mn were due to be taken up for approval by the World Bank board but this would now be delayed, said the Banks country director here, Peter Harrold. rn"Our macro program will have to wait until the elections are over," Harrold told AFP. rnrnPresident Chandrika Kumaratunga scheduled voting for April 2 after dismissing the legislature controlled by her rival prime minister. rnrnHarrold said another US$ 51 mn to support rural communities in the impoverished southern districts of Moneragala and Hambantota may also be delayed unless the president and prime minister reach agreement on the issue. rnrnThe project, he said, was expected to be extended to the highly backward plantations sector in the central region of the country at an eventual cost of US$ 180 mn. rnrnAside from
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