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Rolling Out

A Cabinet paper to clear India’s Telemetro Rail Corp., (TRC) to carry out a feasibility study on a proposed light transit rail is due before policy makers shortly. Western Region Development Ministry says its is working with the Highways Ministry and the Ministry of Transport to draft the Cabinet paper to clear TRC to carry out the study under the Indian line of credit using US$ 1 million.

The study hopes to justify implementing the project and also identify the most viable option to set up the light rail network in Colombo.

The TRC is expected to work with local transport sector institutions including the Moratuwa University and the Railways Department.

A traffic study and a sustainability plan will also be drawn up, senior officials from the Western Region Development Ministry said.

A final draft is still under construction, with project officials awaiting Transport Ministry input for the tri-party proposal.

Early Urban Development Authority (UDA, involved in the concept stage estimated costs for the project at over US$ 500 million, while at least four firms showing interest in the project in 2002.

In 2003, the Government, base

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