Rural Links

Sept 09, 2011 (LBO) - Cleveland Bridge UK has signed a 56 million US dollar contact with Sri Lanka's Ministry of Economic Development to provide up to 210 bridges in rural locations island-wide including in the former north-east war zone.
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The project will be backed by the UK government’s Export Credit Guarantee Department (ECGD), the official export credit agency insuring UK exporters against non-payment by overseas buyers.
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"The aims of the project are to improve the rural roads network and to link rural communities with mainstream economic development," a British High Commission statement said.

"The bridges will help increase mobility for Sri Lanka’s rural population and enable them to enhance their standard of living.

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The locations of the bridges will be prioritised and selected by ministry officials on the basis of need, and following full consultation with rural community representatives, the statement said.

Cleveland Bridge General Manager Andy Hall said the firm has over 100 years of experience in bridge technology.

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Cleveland Bridge UK has built the Sydney Harbour Bridge with Dorman Long, the Humber Bridge, the world’s longest suspension bridge, and the Severn Bridge in Wales, the world’s first aero

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