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Short Circuit

rnRegulators are holding back on a date to auction overseas call access codes due to a lack of interconnection between operators.rnrn
Previously, the auction set for mid May was put off for a June date, again due to interconnection issues and a lack of rules governing the sale. rn

rnNow, a draft set of rules are being finalised and will be circulated within the industry for comment. rn

rnThe Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) says that while some network operators are close to signing interconnection agreements with the new external gateway operators, industry giant Sri Lanka Telecom had just commenced negotiations.rn

rnSri Lanka Telecom put forward three conditions before considering interconnection agreements with the new EGOs.rn

rnOf the conditions only approval of a long overdue tariff revision is pending TRC approval.rn

rnThe telecom regulator says SLTs tariff revision is being reviewed by a higher-level authority and expects a decision shortly, but did not want to commit to a

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