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Sri Lanka electricity rate change to cut revenues by Rs8.0bn: report

May 03, 2013 (LBO) – A change made to an electricity tariff hike from April 2013 will reduce expected revenues by 8.0 billion rupees a year, a media report said. In 2012 the CEB lost 61 billion rupees. This year the loss increased partly due to an increase in furnace oil prices which in turn would reduce losses at state-run Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

CEB is also expected to use less furnace oil overall this year for power generation.

Sri Lanka’s privately run The Island newspaper quoted power ministry secretary M M C Ferdinando as saying that reversing the increase to users up to 60 units and cutting a fuel surcharge from 40 to 30 percent for users up to 160 units would cost 45 billion rupees.

The Ceylon Electricity Board expected to get 45 billion rupees from the tariff hike.

For 2013 the CEB estimated expenditures of 256 billion rupees and the Public Utilities Commission the power regulator allowed it 228 billion rupees of costs which was to have been covered by the approved tariff increase.

The CEB said at a public hearing on called by the regulator that the first proposed tariff would bring it 223 billion rupees in revenues,

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