Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger fund raising revealed in Canada

May 27, 2008 (LBO) – A Canadian court have released documents seized from Sri Lankan Tamil Tiger sympathisers that provide more evidence of rebel fund raising efforts. He said he was "expecting a huge sum" of money and that Tamil activists should "act accordingly," says the document, written by the Tamil Tigers International Coordination Centre but seized by RCMP counter-terrorism officers in Toronto, the newspaper said.

The document is an account of a meeting that took place in a rebel-held region of northern Sri Lanka in 2004.

Documents of a meeting between Canadian Tamils and Tiger rebels in northern Sri Lanka show the rebels' fund-raising efforts and also their frustration over getting inadequate funds, Canada's National Post newspaper said.

"The police files, unsealed by the Federal Court, are the latest evidence that Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers rebels have been bankrolling their civil war with money raised by supporters in Canada," the paper said.

"But the newly disclosed documents also suggest the Tamil Tigers may not be getting as much from Canada as they would like: In one communique, a senior rebel boss complained that Canadians were not doing

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