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Sri Lankan government, Tigers don’t want to talk: analysts

Officials from K. Seeds Investments Pvt Ltd (at left) with officials from Commercial Credit and Finance PLC (at right)

Oct 17, 2006 (AFP) - The worsening cycle of violence in Sri Lanka, where Tamil Tiger rebels this week launched their bloodiest-ever suicide attack, is a sign that neither side in the brutal ethnic conflict is ready to sit down for talks slated for next week, analysts said Tuesday.
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In the latest carnage, more than 100 people -- most of them sailors -- were killed when Tiger suicide bombers detonated a truck packed with explosives next to a convoy of naval buses near the restive district of Trincomalee.
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The government, which last week also suffered a major battlefield defeat in the northern peninsula of Jaffna with the loss of at least 133 soldiers, has hit back with air strikes.
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"Both sides are stubborn," said Harry Goonetileke, a retired air force chief and a political advisor to a former president.
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"It seems the Tigers want to provoke air attacks. That will be their excuse for not going for talks.

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The government is playing into their hands," he said, adding that the recent debacles should encourage the government to adopt a more conciliatory attitude.

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Former Tamil rebel turned politician, Dharmalingam Sithadthan, argued that neither side was keen on talks partly because they had no political basis to negotiate.

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"Even if they go for talks, what they want is to

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