Sri Lankan Tamil party hails UN war crimes report

April 18, 2011 (AFP) - Sri Lanka's main Tamil political party on Monday hailed a leaked UN report which called for an international war crimes probe into the island's political and military leadership.
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The moderate Tamil National Alliance (TNA) said the report, commissioned by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, amounted to "irrefutable confirmation" of atrocities during the final stages of fighting in 2009.

"We welcome the recommendations made by the panel and trust that they will be honestly implemented," the alliance said in a statement.

The UN report, published in a pro-government newspaper in Colombo on Saturday, detailed "credible allegations" which, if proven, indicate a wide range of violations by both the government and the rebels.

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The panel appointed by Ban has recommended that an independent commission be appointed to investigate alleged atrocities.

The Sri Lankan government has already rejected the UN report as flawed and biased.
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The island strongly protested when Ban appointed the advisory panel in June 2010 and refused to allow members to visit the island.

President Mahinda Rajapakse has urged supporters to turn this year's May Day rallies into a sho

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