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Vibration Message

Apr 16, 2012 (LBO) – An Indian computer student has developed an application that enables the blind and deaf to send and receive SMS on mobile phones by converting them into Morse code vibrations, a news report said. œBraille devices can be expensive,” said Mehta. “The idea of PocketSMS takes advantage of the old Morse technology using vibrations that is really easy to program on smart phones.

Since vibrations can convey only a small amount of text at a time, work is now on to make Twitter accessible.

œSince Twitter supports a small number of characters, we can use it to process more information, notes Mehta. is looking for volunteers to test their products.

œWe are trying to develop a way to bring the Wikipedia through this application onto phones for the differently-abled,” said Mehta.

“We are trying to do this by excluding the pictures and transferring only the text. We want to develop even simpler products but can’t do that without willing volunteers testing our products. The ‘PocketSMS Application’ works on the cheapest and least sophisticated of Android phones, The Hindu newspaper reported.

Inputs can be made using any type of keyboards on mob

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