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rnSri Lanka faces another expensive and possibly violent general election nearly four years before its due date leaving the peace process, donor decisions and economic policies in limbo.
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rnWhile a helpless UNF governments screamed lquote undemocratic and unethical the country is already in the process of breaking up under blue, green and red ranks with all parties scrambling to meet an April 2 election. rnldblquote The dissolution of parliament while an elected government held a majority is unheard of in any democratic country. It is unethical and undemocratic, dblquote said cabinet spokesperson G L Peiris told a news conference on Monday.
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rnrnThe UNF government, elected in 2001 December, has four years left of its six-year period but the President dissolved Parliament on Sunday putting paid to a week riddled by conflicting rumours. rnrnPutting the UNF position in perspective Peiris said the people now faced a choice on whether to continue on the present route mapped out by the UNF or whether to opt for a com
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