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Chief Regulatory Officer at CSE Renuke Wijayawardhane presenting the listing certificate to Executive Chairperson at Renuka Hotels Shibani Thambiayah

ldblquote Everything has been sorted out. We are starting work tomorrow
dblquote , a member of restructuring management team told Lanka Business Online.

rnrnThe 13-member restructuring management team returned to work today, for the first time since union activists unceremoniously ousted them on December 28.

rnrnThey attended Nanayakkara
quote s takeover ceremony this morning and were addressed by Treasury Secretary Charitha Ratwatte.

rnrnHowever, union activists then led a staff walkout and begun discussing the reform plan with Nanayakkara.

rnrnAfter a lengthy meeting they had agreed to end their anti-reform protests and allowed the management team to resume work, a source said.

rnrnIronically, this protest was initiated by the UNP
quote s trade union arm, the Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya. However, UNP bigwigs led by the Premier himself later stepped in, to avert the government
quote s pro-reform agenda from being damaged.

rnrnThe Ceylon Bank Employees Union then stepped in to carry on the protest,