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60th LBR LBO Form – “Recalibrating Sri Lankan Economy : Meeting the Challenges ahead” – 2nd February 2015


Topic: "Recalibrating Sri Lankan Economy : Meeting the Challenges ahead" Date/Time: Monday 2nd February 2015 | 1800 - 2100 Hrs Speaker: Dr. Harsha de Silva Moderator: Lakshaman Bandaranayake | Chair & Publisher | Vanguard Business Media (Pvt) Limited Venue: OAK Room, Cinnamon Grand, Colombo


Sri Lankan Economy at a Defining Moment The task ahead of the new government is to meet the aspirations of the society, namely:
  1. Sustained economic growth and equitable distribution of economic benefits
  2. Achieve social justice – make sure everyone in society has equal access to economic, political and social opportunities
  3. Environmental sustainability
In fulfilling above aspirations, the government faces many challenges.
  1. How to bring about structural changes to the economy to reduce the over dependence on the commodity and low-cost Labour based industries with emerging high value industries?
  2. How the emerging labor force be armed with new knowledge and tooled with new skills so they create greater value than the previous generation?
  3. How a new policy framework is formulated and implemented to re-ignite the private sector as an engine of growth?
  4. How to create a level –playing field so the private sector could operate without fear or a favor?
  5. How the increasing inequality of wealth be addressed to avoid social issues?
  6. How the government could re-define its role as a facilitator in promoting private sector investments?
Addressing the above challenges is a national strategic imperative. Hence, LBR LBO CEO FORUM has invited Dr Harsha de Silva, Member of Parliament and Deputy Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs to discuss the policy and strategies that would be adopted by the unity government in meeting these challenges.


1 5.30 - 6.00 Arrival of invitees
2 6.00 - 6.15 Welcome, opening remarks and sponsor messages
3 6.15 - 7.15 First half of the conversation
4 7.15 - 7.20 Sponsor messages
5 7.20 - 7.45 Questions from the floor
6 7.45 - 7.50 Conclusion
7 7.50 - 9.00 Drinks and fellowship

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