A new Snowden leaks Obama’s drone assassination program

Oct 16, 2015 (LBO) – Amnesty International has called the US Congress to hold an immediate independent inquiry into the Obama administration’s drone strikes overseas following a series of leaks disclosing long-standing secrets of the global killing programme.
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“The Drone Papers,” leaked by an anonymous whistle-blower to the online media outlet The Intercept, reveal the startling human costs of armed drone use and highlight chronic flaws in the decision-making process behind the strikes carried out in multiple countries.
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“These documents raise serious concerns about whether the USA has systematically violated international law, including by classifying unidentified people as ‘combatants’ to justify their killings,” Amnesty International said.
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“This warrants an immediate congressional inquiry into why the Obama administration has kept this vital information secret, including the real identities of all those killed in this global killing programme,” “These revelations are further damning evidence that the Obama administration is continuing the Bush-era project of treating the world as a global battlefield while evading public accountability.” Amnesty International said in a statement.
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