AASL Grounded

Aviation officials warn that the government would lose over a Rs. 100 mn in revenue annually as a result of new concessions granted to SriLankan Airlines under an MoU signed with Emirates Airlines, the managers of the national carrier.
While Emirates agreed to give up exclusive rights it enjoyed in certain areas like catering, the government also had to exempt the national carrier from paying various charges it was paying.rn

rnAlthough Emirates has agreed to lift monopolies on catering, terminal handling and SriLankans status as the only national carrier, experts say these are practically not implementable.rn

rnAlthough terminal handling has been liberalised there is no room in the terminal for a second operator while ramp handling which accounts for a bulk of the business remains a monopoly.rn

rnldblquote When you talk about ground handling, the most important part is the ramp handling – not the terminal handling. Besides we dont have space in that terminal for a second operator,
dblquote Poin

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