Acting Against Pirates

A new Act to strengthen Property Rights covering all areas in Intellectual Property from patent rights to trade marks is coming into force this month.
Hundreds of retail outlets selling pirated computer software and music could disappear overnight if the full force of the law is used.rn

rnToday from adventures in cyberspace at the click of a mouse to the latest in music and video, the digital world has a lot to offer.

Digital appliances from a CD player to a computer are also become more affordable. rn

rnEven more affordable is the digital content available on CDs. rn

rnOutlets selling a range of CDs have sprung up from the trendiest shopping malls to the back allies in Colombo fort.rn

rnOne thing common about all these is the prices that they sell their digital disks at.rn

rnThe content is dirt-cheap!

rnrnThats because all these CD containing everything from computer software to movies have been copied illegally.rn

rnThe producers and the owners of the material in them