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ADB President commends SL for action taken to overcome economic crisis and pledges further support

Asian Development Bank

Foreign Minister Ali Sabry met with the President of Asian Development Bank, Masatsugu Asakawa in Seoul, Republic of Korea during the 56th Annual Meeting of the ADB, Tuesday.

The Minister expressed Sri Lanka’s gratitude for the excellent partnership and cooperation extended by the Asian Development Bank during a challenging period for Sri Lanka and for supporting the country's recovery process.

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Whilst conveying the best wishes of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, Minister Sabry further sought technical support and financial assistance from the ADB in the spheres of digitalization, agriculture, renewable energy, and financial sector stability.

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The ADB President expressed his appreciation for the encouraging work Sri Lanka has done so far to avert a greater crisis and for laying a strong foundation for the country's recovery. 

The ADB President pledged to continue engagement with Sri Lanka with renewed vigour in a variety of areas.

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