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After Polls

The telecom watchdog says it will decide when to implement a caller party pays (CPP) regime after April 12, 60 days from when it first announced the additional rates fixed-line users would pay to call a mobile.
The 60 day time lag to promote public awareness is a licence condition and was earlier set aside by the telecom regulator as it prepared to implement CPP on March 1.
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rnRegulatory officials justified setting aside the licence condition as a number of print advertisements announcing what CPP meant was carried weeks prior to February 12, when the tariffs applicable for CPP were first made public.rn

rnHowever, the print advertisements did not carry the new tariffs applicable to calling a mobile. rn

rnMeanwhile, CPP has been on the cards since 1999, and its implementation has consistently been postponed. rn

rnThe logic behind the scheme is that the person making the call has the need to contact another and therefore should bear the cost of the call.rn

rnThe benefit accrues largely to the

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