By Nalaka Gunawardene

Feb 05 – So it was a known construction worker cum odd job man who killed senior Lankan journalist Mel Gunasekera. The man, hunted down within the same day Mel was stabbed to death in her suburban home, was apparently familiar with the place and the family’s routine. When she recognised him, burglar had instantly turned killer.

Case closed? Prima facie, it seems so. But in a land where so many crimes are simply not solved and culprits never caught, some can’t believe this swift and efficient crime investigation. Public trust in institutions, once lost, is hard to regain.

Conspiracy theories won’t bring Mel back. Neither would heart-felt eulogies from her many friends and colleagues. But the latter helps the living: for those who knew and adored her to cope with grief.

Mel would have been bemused by the spontaneous expressions of appreciation that have been pouring out on social media. I can almost hear her say, Aiyo, what a fuss get a life, men!

But life is precisely what has become worthless in our troubled land. Life today is so cheap it can be snapped away at the slightest pro

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