Ageing Process

Ceylon tea was renowned for its quality. Ceylon tea was renowned for its quality. But supplies exceeding demand, higher cost of production and middlemen margins have forced the tea industry to compete on price rather than on quality.

Consumers preferring flavored and instant teas are also not helping the local tea industry that produces old style orthodox teas.

A giant industrialized plant sits on the misty hills of Agarapatana.

It’s interior is complex with steel pipes and boilers huffing and puffing twenty-four hours six days of the week.

Figuring out the production process of what it manufactures is not easy as its well guarded against potential competitors and inquisitive visitors like the media.

When asked what was brewing inside, the manager withholding the production process says: “We produce instant tea powder and green tea for the Japanese market,” explains Sam Samarasinghe, Factory Manager, Ceytea.

This factory known as Ceytea is fully owned by Unilever Sri Lanka.

It produces ar