Aid Ok

The international community will detach part of the US$ 4.5 billion in aid committed to rebuild Sri Lanka from progress with the peace process.
Japanese special Envoy, Yasushi Akashi on Sunday said that donors were split over the decision to release aid, with some opting to hold back for a change in the current political impasse.rn

rnWho and how much aid would be disbursed were not disclosed. Fridays meeting was attended by about a dozen donor countries, the International Monetary Fund and other international bodies.rn

rnHowever, Akashi also added that any commitments ldblquote over and above
dblquote the support pledged in June at the Tokyo summit was unlikely to come through as political leaders have left the peace process stranded. rn

rnMeanwhile, the four international co-chairs of the peace process, USA, the EU, Norway and Japan are due to meet again in February. rn

rnThe meeting will also discuss and evaluate the progress with the peace process and reconstruction and development work.

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