Air Control

The consultant sought to redraw Sri Lankas policies on frequency spectrum was appointed last week, appointed to study allocation, pricing policies and utilisation.
The consultants report will give strength to the proposed Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC), a reincarnation of the existing Telecommunications Regulatory Commission to reflect the scope of the National Communication Policy.
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rnThe process will see spectrum management practices streamlined and all procedures from allocation to monitoring and control made completely transparent and nondiscriminatory.rn

rnThe CRC will, based on the recommendations made by the Consultant also review and establish a fair and proportionate scheme for pricing of spectrum use. rn

rnThe UNF in its 2003 budget recognised spectrum as a scarce commodity and its commercial potential under-utilised. rn

rnDevelopment of telecommunications, especially in rural areas, is very much dependent on the use of radio frequency spectrum. rn


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