Air Jaffna

Expo Aviation (Pvt) Ltd., is pending Civilian Aviantion Department (CDA) approval this week to carry 87 passengers to Jaffna everyday on its Russian-built, IL-18 aircraft.rn

rnldblquote A Proving Flight was scheduled for today, but had to be postponed as figher fighting facilities were not available at Jaffne. A Fire Fighting truck has been despatched from Colombo to be stationed at the Jaffna Airport,
dblquote CDA officials said. rn

rnA second internal carrier, Air Lanka International is also expected to receive CAD approval early next month. rn

rnMeanwhile, Expo Aviation officials said they would charge an additional Rs. 250 as insurance on a return air ticket priced from Rs. 6,000 for economy and Rs. 8,000 business classes. rn

rnPassengers will be allowed to take 15 kilos of cargo, but will not be allowed to carry hand luggage due to security reasons.rn

rnThe company
quote s Manager In-flight Services, Seraj Mohamed said they had received over 200 inquires for their service. He expects the busin