Airline loses athlete’s leg amid security crackdown

WELLINGTON, Aug 29, 2006 (AFP) – Champion New Zealand disabled athlete Kate Horan is back on track for next week’s world championships after her special running leg was found Tuesday, more than a week after an airline mislaid it. Horan, who until recently held the world record for the 400 metres in her class, used to take the 10,000 dollar (6,350 US) leg on planes as carry-on luggage.

But new security restrictions by airlines meant the leg had to be checked into the hold — and it disappeared when Horan took a British Airways flight from London to Amsterdam more than a week ago, the Dominion Post reported.

Horan said she was told by the airline that the leg was somewhere in a London warehouse with thousands of other pieces of luggage misplaced after the foiled transatlantic bomb plot. However, she got the good news Tuesday that her leg had been found and put on a flight to the Netherlands, New Zealand Paralympic manager Helen Murphy said.

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