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Road Development Authority says concession documents for the Colombo endash Katunayake Expressway project will be ready in 16 weeks.
PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation (SMEC), were contracted to develop the legal framework on Wednesday.rn

rnThe previous administration decided to build the expressway with its own funds, despite being severely cash strapped, after donors and private investors shunned the project.rn

rnThe UNP administration promptly shelved the controversial project after it came to power and changed the model to privately financed BOT model. By that time Rs 4.5 bn in public money had been spent.

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rnldblquote We are very close to a mutual termination of the project with the original contractor, dblquote Road Development Authority Chairman Dr. T. A. G. Gunesekera told a Public Review Committee meeting at the Finance Ministry later on Wednesday.


rnThe termination of the contractor will clear one of the stumbling blocks that stood in the way of pot

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