All In One Account

Tapping into a market segment with huge growth potential, Sampath Bank on Monday launched, ldblquote Sampath Profession dblquote , an account targeted at the busy young professionals with monthly earnings topping Rs.

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20,000. rn

rnDesigned to act as a fund manager for busy professionals, the account is tied up with a host of banking products to make transactions hassle free and time saving. rn

rnThe account also features a savings scheme, which deposits Rs. 500.00 each month into a fixed deposit. rn

rnOther features of the account include personal loans, standing orders without commissions, credit limit of twice the salary and no joining fee, insurance schemes, Internet and phone banking facilities, medical membership services among a host of others. rn

rnBank officials say, in the growing market, segmentation ensured special attention, giving customers the satisfaction and the services they need.rn

rnldblquote In recent years most banks have launched specialized banking products to cater to the evol

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