Allianz Lanka supports Paralympic movement in Sri Lanka

Oct 17, 2013 (LBO) - Allianz Lanka, a unit of Germany's Allianz insurance group said it was supporting the Paralympic movement in Sri Lanka. Allianz has a partnership with the International Paralympic Committee since 20006 has tied up with Sri Lanka’s National Federation of Sports for the Disabled (NFSD).

Surekha Alles, Allianz Lanka chief executive said Paralympic athletes were a source of inspiration for the firm.

"Our partnership provides a meaningful link between Paralympics and the concerns of our employees and customers," she said in a statement.

"These athletes’ passion for the sport, their ambition to achieve their goals despite the odds and their ability to believe in themselves, mirror the Allianz work ethic."

"There is another strong link between Allianz and the Paralympics: areas of health, rehabilitation and reintegration following an injury are also areas in which Allianz provides support to our customers worldwide.

"The topic of impairment is an issue that concerns all of us and could affect us, our families and friends, at anytime."

Allianz Lanka will provide financial and non-financial su

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