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Alpha Fire Services launches new water mist technology to combat kitchen fires

Alpha fire

Colombo. Tuesday 16 February 2016.  Alpha Fire Services (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka will showcase the Proano Kitchen Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems, which are rapid and effective on kitchen (F/K class) of fires, at the forthcoming ‘Architect Exhibition’ to be held at BMICH from 18th to 21st February. fire 1 Water Mist is nebulised fresh water distributed through a network of Proano’s specially designed Mist Nozzles under low pressure. Outlining the advantages of the Water Mist system, CEO of Alpha Fire Services Mr. Frank Anthony Ryde, who is also a member of the International Water Mist association, NFPA USA, FPA UK, and The Institute of Fire Engineers UK said, "This system is known to suppress F/K class fires rapidly and bring the temperature down quickly. Furthermore the absence of additives in the systems guarantees no clean-up issues. Unlike traditional chemical systems, when a Water Mist Fire Suppression System is used there’s no need to disrupt or shut down operations which leads to little to no down-time. Water Mist is thus especially effective when extinguishing industrial kitchen oil and grease fires". Proano’s LPCB certified Commercial Kitchen Product is the first certified Water Mist product to protect industrial and commercial kitchens used around the world in many 5 star hotels and food courts. Ryde added that “the benefits of Water Mist technology are many, as once water droplets are nebulised into millions of nano-sized particles, they work on 2 sides of the Fire Tetrahedron, cooling down the heat, and suffocation of the fire from oxygen by the chemical reaction of mist being converted into steam. This proves safe for people in occupied areas due to it working in low pressure and using low water volumes, resulting in minimal damage. Green, clean and environmentally friendly it is also very easy and cost effective to service and maintain”, he said.
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Headquartered in Belfast, Ireland, Proano is a global innovation company, which is at the forefront of Water Mist technology. Its patented low-pressure nozzle design provides unrivalled protection and safety and is widely used in many countries around the world. Design engineers, Jordan Ward and Jamie Mairs are currently visiting Alpha Sri Lanka and will be present at the exhibition to answer any queries on the new technology. Alpha’s journey began when CEO Mr. Frank Ryde founded Alpha Fire Services as a very small operation in Bahrain in 1989. With humble beginnings and the support of his wife Deanna, decades of hard work and industry experience, Alpha emerged as one of the top companies in the Fire and Security business. As an industry leader Frank founded five more companies - Advance Safety Systems Bahrain, Alpha Risk Management Bahrain, Alpha Fire Services Qatar, Alpha Fire UK, and, Alpha Fire and Security Holding Company Bsc  (c ), a holding Bahrain Stock Company to hold all five companies under its umbrella. With rapid economic development in Sri Lanka, Alpha Fire Services Sri Lanka was founded by Frank and Deanna in 2003.
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A few years ago the Board was restructured with Amtek as Partners which led to the Company establishing itself as a reputable and dependable fire solutions provider. It is today a preferred name in the Middle Eastern and Sri Lankan markets. A member of the National Fire Protection Authority, Alpha’s well established workshop is centrally located in Pannipitiya and offices in Colombo 5. With comprehensive solutions and maintenance by highly qualified trained and experienced technicians and engineers, and supply chain partners who hold top positions in the local industry, Alpha is one of the leading contractors in fire detection, protection, prevention and provides new technologies.
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