Altair infuses USD 25 mn via syndicated loan


(c) Altair Sri Lanka

Oct 08, 2019 (LBO) – A consortium of leading local banks, comprising of the Bank of Ceylon, NDB Bank and National Savings Bank has raised a syndicated loan of 25 million US dollars (Rs 4.5 bn) for Sri Lanka’s high rise property development Altair.

One of the largest syndicated loans in Sri Lanka’s property development sector in recent times, the loan is intended to ensure cash flows at the final stages of completion of the Altair project are maintained at optimum levels of liquidity, the project’s promoter Jaideep Halwasiya of Indocean Developers said.

This infusion of funds is in addition to the 251 million dollars (Rs 45.6 bn) that has already been invested in Altair by stakeholders, whose offshore investments are subject to the statutory limits specified by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

The syndicated loan made up of US Dollar component and Sri Lanka Rupee component is repayable in 18 months with a grace period of six months.

“This is a significant development not just for Altair, but for the property development sector in general, in the context of current sentiment in the market and the rising impairment charges and NPL ratios in the banking sector,” commenting on the facility, Indocean Developers Director Pradeep Moraes said.

“We commend the three banks for their positive approach to the opportunity presented by Altair.”

The short term syndicated loan was arranged by NDB Investment Bank Limited (NDBIB) and Bank of Ceylon.

In a letter to buyers of apartments at Altair, Indocean Developers said the security offered under this loan is the only encumbrance placed on the project.

Altair is a one-of-its-kind development in South Asia in terms of architectural design, structural engineering, and living experience.
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Structural construction has been completed and 70 percent of its apartments are already sold. The building comprises of two tower blocks, which are oriented to the movement of the sun to harness the tropical breezes.

A 63-storey sloping tower leans into a taller, 68-storey vertical tower, with a diagrid structure that visually accentuates the slope of the inclined stepped tower.

The unique combination of a straight and a sloping tower gives the building a distinctive appearance that has made it an iconic element in Colombo’s rapidly changing skyline.

The Altair building offers its 400 apartments spectacular views of Colombo’s Beira Lake, the port of Colombo, the Indian Ocean and the city.

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