Alternate Line

The Development Lotteries (DBL) Board is studying alternate methods to retail lottery tickets online before diving into the computer driven jackpot business.
DBL Chairman, J K Fernando told Lanka Business Online on Wednesday that the Board would launch an online lottery with foreign collaboration when the they have identified ways of using its current sales channels to retail the online lottery.
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rnInitial stumbling blocks identified by the Board include, the high cost of the online lottery ticket terminal and its affordability and safety in the hands of retail distributors.rn

rnAny alternate system adopted would look to build on its current sales channels as the main line for retailing its online tickets.rn

rnDBLs entry into the lotteries market will make it the third online lotteries provider after, National Lotteries Board and the Mahapola Trust Fund. rn

rnThe National Lotteries Board, last week, launched details of its online version of the game due for release in March. rn

rnThe first

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