AmCham and USAID collaborates with SLINTEC to accelerate growth of renewable sector


Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC), the first public-private research institute in Sri Lanka and the pioneer in nano and advanced technology research in the country, recently concluded two successful discussions and visits with AmCham and USAID, to initiate collaborations where they will work with both organizations to contribute towards the innovation and growth of the renewable energy sector in Sri Lanka.

AmCham Sri Lanka is one of the most influential business Chambers in the island and is recognized as the leading forum for promoting and developing trade, investment, and economic ties between Sri Lanka and the US, whilst USAID is the world's premier international development donor agency and a catalyst for supporting the Government of Sri Lanka’s efforts to promote inclusive economic growth, strengthen its democratic systems, and support marginalized and disaster-affected communities.

The discussion’s with AmCham was primarily focused on how SLINTEC could collaborate as their strategic technology partner and work on projects to address some of the key issues faced by their membership companies that primarily include ocean cleaning, green renewable energy and water purification technologies.

With Nano and Advacned Technologies which is a key area of specialization at SLINTEC, key project prospects examined during the meeting were in utilizing renewable sources of energy to help the country mitigate climate change, build resilience to volatile prices, and lower energy costs as well as water purification using Nano and advanced technologies that can be used for the removal of sediments, chemical effluents, charged particles, bacteria and other pathogens.

The AmCham delegation visiting SLINTEC consisted of General Manager and Head of Chamber Ms. Vrai Raymond, Ms. Avisha Fernando and Mr. Harish Sagar Kamalakumar.

The discussion with USAID centered around the USAID energy program aimed at transforming Sri Lanka’s electricity industry into one that is market-based, secure, reliable, and sustainable, while promoting investments and increasing access to funding in order to proliferate renewable energy and advanced technologies.

A key aspect of the collaborative research with SLINTEC will be to find effective methods to store the power generated by solar and wind energy, centering on the development of enhanced batteries with high capacity and performance.

Following on the heels of this effort in the future would be the development of new energy electric vehicles. This would involve introducing renewable energy electric vehicle technology to replace conventional fuel vehicles.

In addressing this initiative, SLINTEC emphasized on the requirement of setting up of a state of the art battery testing facility equipped with sophisticated battery testing instruments.

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As SLINTEC has the capacity to provide all the services required for the task, including battery technology with reduced environmental impact and prolonged cycle life, industry-leading expertise on material science and advance material characterization facility, SLINTEC could serve as the technology hub for battery technology.

Members of the USAID delegation that visited SLINTEC included Mr. Rick Whitaker (Chief of Party, Sri Lanka Energy Program), Mr. Kosala Gunawardana, Mr. Chanaka Wickramasuriya, Mr. Dhanika de Silva, Ms. Neelika Tillekeratne, Mr. Nadeera Wijesinghe and Ms. Jinesha J. Kodikara.

The SLINTEC team at both these occasions was headed by CEO Dr.

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Nareshkumar B. Handagama. In line with the efforts of AMCHAM and USAID, SLINTEC aims to contribute towards innovation and growth of the renewable energy sector to support Sri Lanka’s journey towards development while paving the way for a sustainable future.
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