Americans outsource life’s tough or mundane tasks

WASHINGTON, June 29, 2008 (AFP) – One woman outsourced the breaking off a relationship. A man sought bidders to clean his ears, and found someone highly qualified. Both turned to a new breed of US company that harnesses the worldwide web to get someone else to take on the difficult and tedious tasks in life or the little things that never seem to get done during a packed working day.

“One woman called and had us break up with someone for her. I assume it was a break-up because we canceled a date on her behalf and sent the guy her regards. I would hope he wouldn’t want to see her again after that,” Steve Ludmer of, one of the new life-facilitator service companies, told AFP.

AskSunday was founded around one year ago by Ludmer and a partner, both of whom were “time-starved professionals” with a fantasy.

“We thought: wouldn’t it be great if we had a personal assistant … but not the one at work, who you’re often reluctant to ask to do personal tasks for you,” Ludmer said.

Friends also liked the idea, but pulled back because they anticipated the cost of hiring an assistant would be in the thousands of dollars, Ludmer said.

“So w

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