Ancient Wisdom

Sept 28, 2007 (LBO) – Five traits described in Buddhism which do not help achieve goals in life are also well suited for business and management, a top Sri Lankan management professional said. Restlessness, arrogance, procrastination, indulgence and doubt are traits that cloud one’s mind and judgment when trying to achieve goals.

“These five are described in a very advanced spiritual development context in Buddhism. These are five design defects in human beings,” Deepal Sooriyaarachchi, managing director of Eagle Insurance said in what was seen as an unconventional presentation at the LBR-LBO CEO forum.

The case study which Sooriyaarachchi described was his own and how he failed his Advance Level examination owing to the five traits.

“I can see I bring these five reasons to my management life,” he said.

“We are not focused sometimes, we do not want to hear the bad story, we kill the messenger and we always look for evidence to convince ourselves of what we know.” These, Sooriyaarachchi said, are traits of restlessness and arrogance.

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