Appointing independent commissions replicates Rajapaksa method: Civil Society

Oct 23, 2015 (LBO) – The silent approach in appointing independent commissions seems to replicate the Rajapaksa method that politicized the whole state machinery, a group of civil society activists charged.

Attorneys Srinath Perera, Neville Ananda, Sujeewa Dahanayake with social activist Muditha Karunamuni, trade union leader Anton Marcus and journalist Kusal Perera comprised of this group.

In a letter to President, the group charged the whole process of establishing the very important independent commissions lack any transparency.

“For the past two weeks there had been no official public announcement made on the appointment of independent commissions either by your Secretariat or by the cabinet spokesperson,” the letter said.

“This is a serious issue to all citizens and not just for those who voted for “Good governance” at two consecutive elections,”

The group has also called President to make public following details.

01. All names of persons nominated so far to independent commissions along with details about their proposers and the dates the nominations were received

02. Steps so far taken by you on nominations received

03. If no steps have been taken, if those commissions are deemed to have been established as per provisions in the Constitution

04. Names and details of nominations for remaining commissions if any

05. Allow 07 days for public scrutiny before appointment

The letter further stressed the need to have all commissions duly established within 03 weeks as the whole process of establishing commissions have been made unnecessarily long and delayed.

Meanwhile, members for the Bribery, Human Rights, Police and the Public Service Commissions were already appointed after the President ratified the appointments.

President Maithripala Sirisena on Thursday appointed two new members to the National Police Commission, in accordance with the recommendations made by the Constitutional Council.

The two members are senior administrative officer Thilak Kollure, who served as secretary to several Ministries and former Inspector General of Police Frank de Silva.

The Constitutional Council will convene early next month to nominate members to five other independent commissions.

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