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As online shopping grows, so do the dangers of fraud and theft

WASHINGTON, Nov 23, 2006 (AFP) - As growing numbers of Americans turn to the Internet for holiday shopping, experts warn that online dangers such as fraud and identity theft are increasing as well.
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One out of 10 people shopping online could become a victim of online fraud this holiday season, according to a report by the National Consumers League and National Cyber Security Alliance.

Still, the ease of online shopping and growing popularity of the Internet is becoming irresistible for time-strapped consumers.

A survey of some 9,000 US adults by Zogby International found two-thirds were planning to make at least one online purchase for the holiday season.

"Instead of fighting for a parking space and waiting in long lines, many shoppers have turned to the Internet to help with at least some of their holiday shopping," the research firm said.

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Research firm comScore Networks predicts online retail consumer spending for the 2006 holiday season excluding travel will be above 24 billion dollars, a 24 percent rise from last year.

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With the kickoff of the Christmas shopping season on Friday -- the day after the Thanksgiving Day holiday -- analysts see a greater share of sales going on

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