At Pramuka

In another development Pramuka founder Rohan Perera stepped down as chairman during the week and Udaya Nanayakkara took over as Chairman on Wednesday.rn

rnThe Criminal Investigation Department visited the bank on Thursday.rn

rnThe Central Bank, which suspended Pramuka bank operations, has so far not indicated what it wants to do.rn

rnBut analysts say depositors may get about 30% of their money back if the bank is liquidated.rn

rnMeanwhile, employees of the bank are meeting next week to discuss their future and especially the fate of their provident funds. rn

rnThe money has gone into an unapproved fund and the proceeds invested in the bank itself.rn

rnThe authorities have also asked the Bribery commission to look at a number of public officials who are alleged to have taken kickbacks for placing deposits at Pramuka.rn