Atlas empowers schoolchildren to conquer their dreams through joyful learning

Inspiring education for over 60 years, Atlas has been a cherished foundation in turning students' dreams into vibrant realities by infusing joy into their learning experiences.

Atlas has gone beyond its role as a leading stationery provider in Sri Lanka, offering a holistic learning experience to schoolchildren.

Over the years, Atlas has tirelessly worked towards creating a skillfull generation, extending its social mission through a focus on cultivating a quality-rich learning environment for schoolchildren and addressing the challenges among children, parents, and educators that hinder children's full potential.

Atlas guides them in ensuring they have the means to pursue their dreams by providing equitable access to education, enhancing its quality, and safeguarding their mental well-being.

Overall, Atlas converts stressful studying into a joyful learning experience.
In acknowledging Atlas' longstanding commitment towards fostering education, Asitha Samaraweera, Managing Director of Atlas, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “In Sri Lanka, despite the provision of free education, around 25,000 students face annual dropout challenges due to financial constraints, posing difficulties for families in covering school-related expenses like uniforms and textbooks.

In recognising this, we consider it both a responsibility and a duty for all of us to ensure that every child has the facilities to seize such opportunities, and Atlas Sipsavi, Atlas Gurugaru, Light a Future, and Atlas Learn aim to
create better learning opportunities for all.”

To ensure equitable access for education, Atlas introduced the Atlas Sipsavi initiative, advocating for "no child left behind", primarily offering financial aid to 250 students for a period of up to five years, with the goal of instilling hope in each child, regardless of their individual challenges.

Additionally, the initiative provides material donations to children and improves school infrastructure. Furthermore, through the Light a Future project, Atlas successfully secured the educational rights of over 50,000 children.

Education extends beyond schoolchildren, with a significant share of responsibility shouldered by teachers and parents dedicated to shaping a child's future. In recognising this Atlas has adopted two approaches to uphold the standard of education. One, aimed at children, is known as Atlas Learn, while the other, intended for teachers, is called Atlas GuruGaru.

Atlas Learn primarily concentrates on both curriculum-based education and non-curriculum-based programs such as STEM education, supplemented by engaging tools like 2D cartoon animation to enhance educational quality whereas Atlas GuruGaru is designed to enhance teachers' skills and train them in incorporating activity-based learning into traditional classroom settings.

Atlas is dedicated to ensuring that every student, regardless of their background, has access to high-quality education, recognising it as a fundamental right. This commitment includes breaking down barriers that hinder learning opportunities.

By implementing engaging methods such as activity-based learning, supporting STEM initiatives, and investing in comprehensive teacher training programs, Atlas aims not only to enhance the quality of education but also to foster positive mindsets and create an environment conducive to learning, thereby ensuring a more enjoyable learning journey for students.

Through these compassionate efforts, Atlas is sowing the seeds for a brighter future, where every child can aspire, learn, and unlock their full potential.

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