Aye for an eye

Government is planning to set up powerful Parliamentary committees to act as watchdogs on State institutions.
The special committees will include committees to keep an eye on the management of State revenue, public management and economic development activities.
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rnSeveral standing orders will be issued shortly to form these committees.rnCabinet spokesman, G L Pieiris said that 14 committees would be created headed by opposition parliamentarians.rn

rnThese sectoral committees could inquire and report into any matter of administration, expenditure and policies of any Ministry or State Department.rn

rnIn order to maintain objectivity in these committees, State ministers will be not be made members of such committees.rn

rnThe Minister said that the objective of these committees is to strengthen the role of the Opposition.rn

rnThe committees also have the power to examine any papers, records and question public officials including ministry secretaries and ministers as part of their duties.rn


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