B2E: Only A Click Away

With the introduction of the Internet many companies automate their business systems and business ideas online. Transformation is taking place globally because; from the start it can provide its customers with the best mix of technology support and business insight.
A good example would the booking method for doctors.rn

rnNormally patients have to hang around for hours to see a doctor. The appointments are given out in the mornings while patients either have to wait or come back later in the day to meet the doctor.rn

rnHospitals operate a simple appointment reservation system. The simple fact was that you have to turn up at the hospital if you want to make an appointment.rn

rnPatients had no other choice.rn

rnThat is until least until recently.rn

rne-Channelling, a company promoted by local technology giant Millennium IT is putting up a network to centralize all medical appointments similar to the worldwide reservation systems for airline tickets. rn

rnMedical appointments are keyed