Back To Basics

Its back to the lquote nuts and bolts this year, says Board of Investment chief, with plans for 2003 aimed at getting development of a much-needed highway network, off ground.
In an interview with Lanka Business Online, BOI Chief Arjuna Mahendran mapped out a game plan for the year, with the list trimmed down to getting several basics including an infrastructure and corporate restructuring fund in place.
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rnldblquote The focus for this year is going to be on highways in addition to a few other select infrastructure projects, because that is key to opening up the rest of the country dblquote , BOI Director General Arjuna Mahendran said Friday.rn

rnldblquote The whole Southern Development plan of previous years was killed because there was no highway in the region and the focus instead was elsewhere on ad-hoc projects dblquote , he added.rn

rnldblquote Development is not going to be sidetracked anymore. Here onwards we specify what needs to be done in what location and when, rather than ent

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