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Back To Front

The company, which handles back office work for large insurance firms like Norwich Union of UK and British Airways, is looking at an initial investment of around US$ 2 million. rn

rnDespite some concerns over security, officials said that they would still go ahead as planned. rn

rnThe first batch of recruits hired by the BPO operator is qualified accountants. rn

rnThe company is gearing up to meet the challenge created by European and US companies shifting thousands of white-collar jobs to overseas. rn

rnThe number of professionals here has made Sri Lanka an attractive destination. rn

rnldblquote Given the fact that there were dormant expertise here and we were very UK oriented in terms of accounting qualifications it was it advantageous doing accounting services in Sri Lanka, dblquote notes Dushan Soza, MD, WNS Sri Lanka.rn

rnAlthough off shoring high-end professional jobs have come under fire in developed countries, the trend is continuing.rn

rnThe economic gains are simply too goo

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