Bacteria Battle

Jan 23, 2012 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has completed the first phase of a four-year project to study microbial resistance to antibiotics, which is a serious problem worldwide and puts a strain on healthcare systems. The first report of the surveillance of microbial sensitivity to antibiotics, initiated by the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists (SLCM) in association with the Ministry of Health, has been released, a statement said.

The project aims to create a national database on microbial resistance to antibiotics.

It also envisages the adoption of the internationally accepted Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute methodology in identification of organisms by all institutions in Sri Lanka conducting research on the issue.

“Microbial resistance to antibiotics has been identified as a serious problem worldwide, especially in developing countries, and places a heavy burden on healthcare systems,” the statement said.

According to experts, the lack of surveillance has exacerbated the matter leading to underestimation of the magnitude of the problem.

“Statistics indicate that antibiotics constitute 7.6 percent of the Sri Lankan government™s expenditure on healthcare.”

The project